Wrong economic time to build Lake Forest Park

Reader input
By: Laura Harling, El Dorado Hills
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We already voted against developing a Lake Forest Park. A few people want everyone to pay for building a playground in their backyard when only they will be using it. Could it be that the organizers of this new plan are hoping to start with a less developed park and then push a vote later to develop the full area — the plan we already voted against? This is also a very bad economic time to increase taxes for frivolous purposes. Let’s raise taxes only when absolutely necessary to support essential public services. Vandalism has happened in all the other El Dorado Hills parks in the past. Who pays for broken plumbing in the restrooms, wrecked sprinkler systems, and graffiti removal? The proponents of this park state that after-hours security will be provided. I don’t believe that means a 24/7 on-site guard. Probably it means someone driving past a couple of times per night. That kind of “security” will not stop vandalism or the other unsavory activities that are often associated with such neighborhood parks after dark. Who pays the legal fees for a lawsuit when someone falls off the rock-climbing wall? Finally, what’s wrong with leaving some beautiful undeveloped natural land in our neighborhood rather than covering it with asphalt tennis courts and parking lots? Laura Harling, El Dorado Hills