Why do police resort to violence?

Reader input
By: Sandra Grasso, Folsom
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Why do the police resort to violence? I too have been following the senseless shooting of Joseph Han. My question is: Why do police officers always have to kill the person? I know Mr. Han was distressed, in mental trouble and brandishing a weapon. That is clear. However, why not shoot his hand, foot or anywhere else that would not result in death? As the saying goes, “there are more ways to skin a cat” to get the job done. My heart goes out to the family. They thought they would be getting some help. Instead, all they got is a life without their beloved relative and a funeral to plan. Some Easter celebration! I can’t help but wonder why call a cop at all. I see it almost daily on the news how some cop in anywhere America has shot and killed (or beaten to death) some poor soul who needed help. I know there are real criminals out there who deserve to be shot, but what happened to our Constitutional rights and the fact that everyone deserves a trial? Now we have officers out on paid administrative leave until the case is resolved. And who pays the tab for the whole incident? Us taxpayers. Something is definitely wrong with a system that kills rather than just putting them out of commission. We as a society need to wake up and smell the gunpowder. Sandra Grasso, Folsom