Two dead in murder-suicide

By: Cole Mayer, The Telegraph
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A domestic dispute turned deadly just a few blocks from the Folsom Police Department on Thursday night. At approximately 9 p.m., screams of "Somebody help me," followed by gunshots were heard in the Cobblestone Place condominium complex in the 200 block of Wales Drive. When a SWAT team stormed the condo with flash grenades at 11 p.m., 41-year-old Michael Christopher Rogers and 39-year-old Erin Scarlett were found dead in an apparent murder-suicide. "It’s shocking," neighbor Ryan Holcomb said, a sentiment shared by many neighbors. Holcomb was visiting in-laws when the shooting took place. "I pieced together the story from the media," Holcomb said. "I came back to find bullet holes through my living room, and we weren’t here, luckily." A large chunk of stucco was missing from the side of Holcomb’s condo, with two more bullet holes puncturing the house. The deck on the second story of the house in which the incident occurred also had two bullet holes. In all, six shots were fired, five in succession, supposedly killing the woman. The final shot came after a long silence. Police officials believe Scarlett tried to escape through the back door before she was shot on the back deck upstairs. A large bloodstain can still be seen underneath the deck. Officer Jason Browning of the Folsom Police Department confirmed that the woman was found on the deck off the master bedroom, and Rogers was found in the bedroom with a single gunshot wound to the head. It was initially thought that the daughter of the couple might be at the residence, but Holcomb said that she has been with her grandmother since Monday or Tuesday. The couple had been married and divorced, and were dating again, according to reports. Neighbors were confused after the incident. "It’s unfortunate, you know?" Josh Robenolt said. Some residents were concerned that they were not given the “all clear” after being told hours earlier to lock themselves inside. Halie Goman was stunned. "I don’t know how to explain. They had their issues, but it’s really surprising. I’m shocked," Goman said. "I don’t really have any words for it." Carmel Frederick didn’t know the victims, but is still as surprised as her neighbors. "It’s a terrible tragedy," she said. "I feel bad for the little girl. It’s a very sad thing to happen to a family." The Telegraph’s Philip Wood contributed to this story.