Tierney hangs up on phone job for teaching

By: Bridget Jones Telegraph Correspondent
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TEACHER FEATURE Who: Kevin Tierney Subject: Eighth-grade American Studies (History) School: Rolling Hills Middle School, El Dorado Hills --- Q: How long have you been a teacher and why did you want to get into the education field? A: I have been teaching for 19 years. Prior to teaching, I worked with AT&T for 12 years as a manager. Working for a large corporation, I never felt as though I was making much of a difference in the world. My father was a teacher for over 30 years and he always spoke highly of his career; so, I decided I would try it. I’ve never regretted that decision, though the nearly 70 percent cut in pay was a bit of a challenge. Q: What do you enjoy about the subject(s) you teach? A: I started out as an elementary school teacher teaching all subjects. Now I teach history and I absolutely love it. History is fascinating, and it is challenging to draw students into the subject matter. History helps us understand who we are today. In addition, students can see the importance of being an involved, participating citizen in their society and understand that they can make a difference in their country. Q: What do you enjoy about teaching at Rolling Hills Middle School? A: Teaching at Rolling Hills Middle School is enjoyable because of the support provided by the community. The parents and the “Friends of Rolling Hills” are incredibly supportive and they make my job much easier. Q: What methods/tools do you use to continue to grow as a teacher? A: I am always looking for opportunities to grow as a teacher and as a person. I apply for grants to travel and work with teachers and students in other countries. I have traveled to the Republic of Georgia, Japan and Korea to work with teachers and learn about new cultures. In addition, I was a fellow at the Williamsburg Summer Institute for Teachers. I have not applied for any of these programs of late, as I am working toward my Master’s Degree in History at Sacramento State University. I also earned my Master’s Degree in Education a few years back. Q: What are your hopes for the futures of your students? A: I hope my students will be involved, caring citizens. I hope they have the courage to pursue their dreams and continue to learn throughout their lives. Mostly, I hope my students will challenge and push themselves to achieve all of which they are capable.