Three Stages gallery to host college alumni art exhibition in Folsom

Folsom Lake Entertainer
By: Eileen Wilson, Folsom Lake Entertainer
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When it comes to enjoying fine arts, enthusiasts would have had to travel to Sacramento or the Bay Area in the past. Not so, today, with the advent of Bank of America’s Gallery, located within Three Stages at Folsom Lake College. In the year the gallery has been open, it has showcased much talent including works by students, faculty and community based artists, with exhibits rotating about every two months. The gallery’s exhibits are a diverse mix of style, media and culture, and the Alumni Invitational Exhibition is no exception. It has been described as riotous color meets surreal, meets abstract, meets realism in this worthwhile collection. Former students answer the question “What will I do after I complete my studies?” in this exhibit that showcases technique, creativity and talent. Artist, Zach Timberlake, uses what he calls “random seeming subjects” in his art. Works like “Can,” and “Halo” highlight the most mundane objects, but do so in hyper-realistic detail. “In my early 20s I started doing realism, and photorealism,” Timberlake said. He said one can see the photorealistic quality in “Halo,” Timberlake’s up-close depiction of a set of car keys — Blacks, silvers, and copper — a cornucopia of shiny-new and well-worn metalics dangling on a ring, suspended in light and shadow, and surrounded in an aura of mystery. Timberlake said his passion for art has continued throughout his lifetime. “I grew up around painting – my grandfather is a really talented oil painter. I was in awe of the paintings that filled the walls in his house,” Timberlake said. “I was really in to art when I was a child – it just came naturally.” Timberlake started with abstract expression in high school, and has always stuck with his favorite – oils. A former student at Folsom Lake College, he pursued an Associates Degree in art, and credits the school’s professors with giving him a solid foundation, and helping him with color theory. Timberlake, as well as many other students, maintain working relationships with the school’s art professors. “I’m actually colorblind, so the color theory was really helpful,” Timberlake said. Works like “Recurring,” one of Timberlake’s favorite pieces, offers a subtle glow of color from jars fairly shimmering in what one might imagine is filtered afternoon light on a winter afternoon, to cracked egg shells that reflect a sunset hue. “I’m most proud of the technicality in ‘Halo,’ but also of my ability to emphasize color in ‘Recurring’,” Timberlake said. The artist has been inspired by classic painters like Vermeer and Rembrandt, and said he was “blown away” when he received a Salvador Dali book at the age of 16. But he said the late artist, Istvan Sandorfi, might have influenced him the most. “He’s a huge influence. He’s an amazing Hungarian artist, who just passed away about a year ago,” Timberlake said. “I find Sandorfi’s works are the most incredible paintings that have ever been created. They are realistic, mysterious and surreal.” For the most part, however, Timberlake said he takes his inspiration from the ordinary things around him. “I want to make ordinary things beautiful,” he said. “I just want to create something simple, yet elegant.” Timberlake described his process as a series of layers that might take months to finish. He said he creates unusual paintings that are filled with depth, but have an ultra-smooth surface. His current project is a commissioned oil painting that will be turned in to a movie poster for a suspense thriller film. Additional alumni artists included in the exhibit are: Sigrid Benson, Natalia Bidun, Kylie Duthie, Barret Jelinski and David Johnson. For more information on the exhibit, visit For more information on Timberlake, visit * * * KNOW AND GO What: Folsom Lake College Alumni Invitational Exhibition When: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Tuesday-Thursday, and one hour before and during intermission of each scheduled performance at Three Stages, through March 18. Where: Bank of America Gallery at Three Stages, 10 College Parkway, Folsom More information:,