Thank you Teichert Construction

Reader input
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The construction company doing the Sutter Street renovation has occasionally received criticism for the inconvenience to businesses and the traveling public. My experience was just the opposite. I am the tour coordinator at Folsom Historic Powerhouse on Riley Street and had previously planned tours for almost 100 students from Sacramento and Roseville during the week of April 10-14. Just days before the students were to arrive, I learned Riley Street and the Rainbow Bridge were to be closed for construction after reading an article in the Telegraph. I called Teichert Project Manager Nicole Chappell, who assured me they could easily work with us. On each of the three tour days, work was stopped momentarily and our groups were caravanned through the work site to the Powerhouse. The workers were extremely polite and very helpful. We were very appreciative. Many thanks to Nicole Chappell and her very thoughtful workers. Joy Newell, docent, Folsom Historic Powerhouse