Support Norris for supervisor

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I wholeheartedly support Harry Norris for El Dorado County Supervisor, District 1. Harry is a local business owner who stands for responsibly managed growth, and has a legitimate record of reform at EID, an agency that not too long ago had serious issues. And Harry was a shining star on the El Dorado County Board of Education for 10 years. Putting aside Harry’s resume, it’s important to note his long list of endorsements, which are incomparable. Case in point: The cityhood campaign three years ago polarized our community. Today, the most ardent proponents and opponents of cityhood are publicly endorsing Harry. Supporters include both former candidates in the race – Bob Dorr and Shiva Frentzen – CSD Directors including Tony Rogozinski, the Deputy Sheriffs Association, retired Fire Chief Larry Fry and all of Harry’s fellow EID board members. Harry’s broad-based support says a lot about his character and insight, and about his impartial approach to making decisions that impact all of us. Greg Jones El Dorado Hills