Reconsider cuts to zoo education program

By: Professor Annette Barfield, Sacramento City College
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Dear Mayor Steve Miklos, Please re-consider your proposal to cut the Folsom Zoo Educational Program. The program provides a wonderful service to our community. As an educator in an institute of higher learning I realize the importance of enhancing children’s education outside of the classroom. The educational program provides a profound experience in which our children can begin to have a vision in planning their future. Children exposed to the program learn a variety of skills such as, leadership, responsible behavior towards animals and others, and nurtures strong character and self esteem. The curriculum that is offered engages and challenges our children to think responsibly, make responsible decisions, think critically, work with others and most of all demonstrates the respect for all animals. This experience influences and shapes their respect for authority, rules, and is reflected in their relationships with family, friends and community. I have never met such qualified leaders as the director and employees in the Educational Program at Folsom Zoo. Their knowledge and passion have contributed to the entire Folsom Community as well as outlying areas. Professor Annette Barfield, Sacramento City College