Reader sends open letter to El Dorado County Supervisor John Knight

Reader input
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Dear Supervisor Knight, With the application to rezone Dixon Ranch from agriculture to a residential project on the county agenda (714 homes, near Highland View) and Wilson Estates, (58 homes) at or near the entrance to Sterlingshire, on Green Valley Road, there is major concern of the counties effort to amend the county general plan to establish El Dorado Hills as “high density” for residential development projects. This takes away the idea of the established villages in our community which is a well thought out design and is unique to this area and Northern California. Much planning was done to try to make El Dorado Hills less of a cookie cutter design like thousands of other communities in the state. We take pride in our uniqueness. High density projects do not fit this area and are a negative concept that breeds crime, poor air quality, high traffic, and resulting poor health. People left the big metro areas and came here to retire, or raise a family, in a bucolic setting, and built a business park with low impact in all these areas. Why on earth would you want to endanger that concept which has turned out to work so well? Does it just come down to revenue for the county at El Dorado Hills’ expense? Also, the county is doing a poor job publicizing any hearings as most EDH residents are unaware of these issues. Hopefully with this letter they are now. To be told that hearings were held and few attended is not acceptable. This just breeds distrust of our elected and county officials. Some have said that the proposal would put 4/5 homes on and acre. That kind of density has no place in our community. Since this issue affects El Dorado Hills directly and not other areas of the county we deserve an explanation at public hearings in El Dorado Hills, and not Placerville, to fit into our work schedules. Larry Keenan, El Dorado Hills