Oak Ridge sophomore making a name for himself in lacrosse circles

By: Matt Long Telegraph Sports Editor
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Josh Wellman is only a sophomore at Oak Ridge High, but he’s making a name for himself in the world of lacrosse. Last month Wellman, 16, was one of 30 players in the West — slated to graduate in either 2013 or 2014 — chosen to try out and play for the Under Armour West lacrosse team this summer. The tryout was held Friday in San Diego and from there the 24-member team will be selected. In the letter, sent by the team’s coach, Alex Cade, it states Wellman and his fellow invitees are among the top one percent of players in the West. “I was shocked at first when I read the letter,” Wellman said. “I really don’t know what to expect about the whole thing, but I know I have a lot of work to do.” Wellman began playing lacrosse as an 11-year-old fifth grader. “I saw some people playing and the sport looked like something different,” Wellman said. “I played football and I liked the physical play in lacrosse and began playing, thinking that it would help keep me in shape for football. Lacrosse is like a cross between hockey and soccer and it has a little bit of everything. There’s always something you can get better at.” As a freshman last year, Wellman played on Oak Ridge’s varsity team and he’ll be back for his second year as a midfielder this spring. He also plays year round on a club team, the Golden State Titans. He hopes he has a good tryout and makes the UA West team. “Playing on a team like that gives you a lot of visibility in front of college coaches,” Wellman said. “You also get to meet other good players and make friends and that’s fun.” Wellman would love to earn a scholarship to play lacrosse in college and playing on teams like this will give him the visibility and platform he needs to showcase his talents. He’s thrilled to have the opportunity. Wellman just returned from Dallas with three other lacrosse players from Oak Ridge High, Nick Hoe, Gray Baker and Cody Place. The four boys participated in a three-day lacrosse clinic put on by more than two dozen college coaches. “We were coached by college coaches and put through a lot of drills and had scrimmages,” Wellman said. “It was awesome. There was a lot of learning and a lot of visibility.”