Oak Ridge High students give to less fortunate

By: Penne Usher, Telegraph Correspondent
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A group of Oak Ridge High School students are once again stepping up to make a change for the better in the lives of inner-city youth. The Oak Ridge Leadership class will hold a fund-raising event beginning Dec. 5 and running through Dec. 10 with the proceeds benefiting Oak Ridge Elementary school in Sacramento. It was the story of the less fortunate youngsters at the inner-city school that initially led Oak Ridge High students to start a movement for change called “Be Change.” “We are selling shirts and collecting food and trying to raise money so the kids can go to doctor and dentist appointments,” said student Rachel Boyd. The students at the inner-city elementary school all receive free lunch at school and often go without food on weekends, which is one reason the fundraiser is needed. “This is important. The kids from Oak Ridge (High) are from an affluent area and we need to give back to an area that is not as fortunate,” said junior Scooter Muse-Fisher. He said in the past the elementary school students went without food more often, but thanks to the ongoing efforts of the Leadership class, that is changing. “We are making progress and it is definitely showing,” he said. “There has been change.” Last year the “Be Change” movement raised more than $4,250, in excess of 600 canned goods and 20 large bags of clothing. This year the group wants to out do their predecessors. “We are working to raise $5,000, 1,000 cans of food and at least 35 bags of clothing — enough to fill the big truck,” said Dana Vierra, a junior at Oak Ridge High. Oak Ridge Elementary is only 16 miles from El Dorado Hills in an impoverished Sacramento neighborhood. “It’s hard to realize how close they are to us, but how much less fortunate they are,” said sophomore Shelby Walker. “We have so much, we should definitely give back.” The public is invited to drop off donations at Oak Ridge High during the week of Dec. 5.