No ‘analysis’ in article whatsoever

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The article titled “Gas prices to plummet?” that appeared in the Aug. 6 edition of the Telegraph was ludicrous. The article even has a box next to it that reads, “analysis.” There is no “analysis” within this article whatsoever! The first paragraph of the story reads, “Some evidence and some experts suggest gas prices will drop to around $3.30 a gallon by November, election month, because of an interplay among a Republican election ploy, an aversion to killing a golden-egg goose and a drift toward tighter market regulation.” Wow. Are you serious? Do you really think any person or group of people, besides OPEC (which, of course, is a group of countries), oil speculators and gas and oil consumers (supply and demand) have the power or ability to effect price changes in oil and, therefore, gas? And, who are these “experts,” anyway? Kathy Gill? Maybe it’s because OPEC affects the price by raising/lowering output, or that demand exceeds supply, or that the dollar has been weak. When gas hit $4 per gallon, people drove less and demand decreased – which resulted in lower prices. The pullback in oil prices is also happening with other commodities that are denominated in dollars – gold and agriculture for example – because the dollar is strengthening. Or perhaps the most significant occurrence is that when President Bush announced removing the ban on offshore drilling, oil prices declined $16 a barrel in the next 2 1/2 days. Maybe there is something more to this idea of drilling more. What a concept – producing our own oil and buying less from the countries that hate us! The article then goes on to say, “Despite the manipulative ploy, if there was one, the 2006 election did wind up throwing incumbents out and gave the Democratic party a thin control of Congress. Either out of revenge and lesson-teaching or not, immediately, gas prices spiked upward, and essentially have been rising ever since – until this July, as election campaigns hit the “gas.” “Out of revenge and lesson-teaching?” What? Please explain to me and your readers exactly how a political party can have a “ploy” that actually can result in raising and lowering gas prices? With all of the other factors involved, to rely on “a Republican election ploy” as the primary explanation is completely ludicrous. I think your paper should be ashamed of this article. Kathy Gill is used as the basis for this article. I can find numerous support to back up any position I want to defend. The basis of this article is absurd and slim on real facts. Perhaps your paper should stay away from financial and political stories. Terry Lee Crumpley, CPA Rescuee