Musician weaves spirituality into work in new album

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Recently, a local musician released his first album, reflecting the constant process of change in daily lives.

Matt Smith founded and leads the band BluHart, which recently released the new album titled “Ice Over Water.”

Produced by Tate Music Group, the album offers eight tracks and is available for purchase nationwide at the iTunes Store,, or directly from

Smith, 29, lived in El Dorado Hills until moving to Elverta last year. He started playing music at the age of 7 and by 18, he was skilled at playing bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitar, keyboard and drums as well as singing.

He started BluHart in 2006 and is a full-time musician today.

“BluHart is a nickname I picked up around 2006, when I was hanging out a lot with Stevie Ray Vaughn’s childhood friend, David Brown,” Smith said. “David was Native American, and he nicknamed me BluHart because he claimed my guitar style sounded as if I cried for the world. I was glad to let it stick.”

He decided to title his first professional release, “Ice Over Water” to explain the process of daily change.

“The name refers to how we constantly are in a process of changing, just as ice in a glass of water floats to the top and changes into liquid water,” he said. “Just as the ice becomes one with the water so we become one with the spirit around us through melting into it.”

He said his music is spiritual, inspiring, emotional and reflective of the inner working of his being

“It is driven by my improvisational and song writing skills featuring my guitar work,” Smith said. “My musical style could most easily be described as diverse. For instance this album includes three completely instrumental acoustic tracks, as well as tracks with a full band sound resembling Lincoln Brewster and Third Day.”

He said he gets his musical inspiration from daily life.

BluHart fan and family friend Christine Betsekas, 55, said Smith’s spirituality is really reflected through his guitar playing.

“He is an awesome guitarist and I love his album,” Betsekas said. “I play his CD in my car all the time. He is a very spiritual musician, just phenomenal.”

While Smith is not performing, he loves spending time with man’s best friend.

“I am a dog enthusiast, with a particular love for Labrador Retrievers,” he said. “(I) enjoy surrounding myself with dogs and engaging in taking care of them.”

Smith said he also enjoys giving back to his community.

“When I lived in El Dorado Hills from 2009-2012, I led worships at Healing Wings Church in Cameron Park,” he said.

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