Meeting the Trojans

Oak Ridge kicks off season in style
By: Matt Long
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Hundreds turned out at Town Center Saturday to Meet the Trojans. The Oak Ridge High varsity football team, the Trojans, were introduced to the community in a first-time event which had two purposes: 1) get the El Dorado Hills community excited about Oak Ridge football (meaning entice them to come out and catch a home game) and 2) give the football players and cheerleaders a fun event that recognizes their effort and hopefully it’s something that they remember when they look back on their high school experience. “It was so much fun,” said Wende Tostenson, Oak Ridge parent and one of the event organizers. “There was a great turnout and we made some money for the program. We achieved what we hoped to.” Oak Ridge senior quarterback Will Tostenson, a first-year starter, thought it was a good event. “It’s a good way to get the community together to gain some support for the team,” Tostenson said. “There are a lot of people here and it’s a cool, fun experience.” Dylan Collie, a junior wide receiver, also supported the community event. “I’m excited about the season,” Collie said. “The last couple of years we haven’t gotten the fans to come out to the games like we used to. This is a new way to bring out the crowd at the start of the year. I have a good feeling for the year and I think we’re set up for a successful season.” Junior cheerleader Shanna Bronswick was excited that so many attended the event. “I’m really excited to have everybody here,” Bronswick said. “We’re here to show how much of a team we are at Oak Ridge and to pump up the crowd and get them ready for some games. I think we’re going to have a pretty great team.” Collie agreed with Bronswick about the strength of this year’s squad. “I think we’re going to be pretty good,” Collie said. “We were extremely successful at our camp in Fresno and with myself, Willie Tucker and Nick Barnett, and with Will throwing the ball, I don’t think too many teams will be able to stop us. “The new league we’re in is an athletic league and plenty of teams have speed. We might not be the biggest or the fastest team, but if we execute the right way, we can bring Oak Ridge football back.” Besides team introductions and talk of the season, the Meet the Trojans event had more to offer the large crowd, including a raffle and a poster signing.