Marina Village Middle School scores high on API

School's all-time high score of 903 earns students a special lunch with parents
By: Eric Laughlin Telegraph Correspondent
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It isn’t everyday that a kid can say he had lunch with his parents in the school cafeteria. Well, students of Marina Village Middle School earned just such an opportunity after they placed first in the county on a statewide academic performance test. Sixth- through eighth-graders at the El Dorado Hills school hit an all-time high score of 903 on the state’s Academic Performance Index, which scores on a range of 200 to 1000. “It’s the first time in our school history and the first time in the county that a school ranked higher than 900,” principal Jeff Warshaw told the Telegraph during the celebratory parent-student lunch on Friday. “In the past, the target score has been 800.” Warshaw added that the school wanted to do something to recognize and honor all the effort that came from not only the students and staff, but also their families. And with parents’ appetites in mind, the lunch boasted a lot more bells and whistles than the usual fare. Special entrees included chili bread bowls, gourmet salads and fresh wraps, in addition to ice cream. “The food’s great,” said Katalin Walcott, who dined with her daughter Michaela and friends. “It’s the first time I’ve been here and it really is eye opening. It’s fun to see the kids enjoying themselves in such a relaxed environment.” Debbie Hiscott also enjoyed the festivities. “It’s a nice event for the kids and I’m really proud of them,” said Hiscott, who joined her daughter Christa. Parents and students of each grade level had the entire lunch room to themselves, starting at 10 a.m. for sixth graders. A proud Warshaw said he expected as many as 200 parents over the three-hour period. “It really is great to see so many parents participating in the excitement that goes along with the kids doing well,” he added. Teacher Tricia Wilson also had good things to say about the event. “I think it’s amazing,” she said. “It shows them that we value their high test scores and that it really means something to be on top. It’s definitely a cause for celebration.” In addition to the lunch menu, there were plenty of party favors, complete with a boom box featuring upbeat jazz music. The decorations were donated by the Parent Teacher Committee.