Letter: Student warns of smoking dangers

Reader input
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It could be your friend. Your neighbor. Your relative. What do they have in common? They are among the over 46 million Americans who smoke. Despite rising cigarette prices and new research revealing the increased health issues of smokers, millions of people still do it in the US alone. The average smoker spends $1,500 to $3,300 a year on cigarettes. Their risk of lung cancer is much higher than that of a non-smoker, as well as countless other health problems. On Nov. 17, 2011, the American Cancer Society and Sutter Middle Schools Club Live will host the 36th Great American Smokeout. This day is earmarked to encourage smokers to quit. At, friends and family of smokers can make an e-card to urge them to stop. Half of all smokers in America have tried to quit in the past year. The e-card may just be the support they need to stop once and for all. We all know how dangerous smoking is. The facts are staring us right in the face. Why not help our friends and family quit smoking? Elizabeth Swanson, seventh-grade, Sutter Middle School, Folsom