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Letter: State doesn't need more of our money to improve schools

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Dr. Vicki Barber is concerned about our schools and the funding thereof, however she has left out the really big places to go get the money to pay for education. 

She is concerned about the last five years of drift away from quality schools and so am I (only I see it as 41 years since Dr. Max Rafferty led the California school system).  I just see a different solution. 

As Dr. Barber is well aware, Proposition 30 funding does not go to schools but is put in the state’s general funds to be spent at the behest of Steinberg and Brown. 

It can be used for the Dream Act, which funds illegal immigrant education which already consumes $3 billion a year of your schools’ money.  It can be used for any purpose other than schools, maybe even help the "Bullet Train" from Fresno to Bakersfield. 

Dr. Barber knows this and I believe that is why she is “not advocating on behalf of Proposition 30.”  She obviously knows the money won’t go toward schools but is using that pretense to get the taxpayer to ante up more money to be misspent by the state. 

Should I send a list of 500 agencies that should be audited and brought to heel by our government. 

You may think that the political right is after police, fire fighters, and school teachers, but not some of us. 

We are after the higher hanging fruit. Funding for useless agencies and fraud has made keeping quality schools, world class fire departments, and police/sheriff departments at risk and some of us want to reduce that risk.

No, Dr. Barber, the state doesn’t need more money.  It needs a major overhaul of its spending and the sacred cows must be led to slaughter.  You should be advocating that effort.

Oh, and vote no on Proposition 30.

Steve Ferry, El Dorado Hills