Lawsuit settled in favor of Skeel

By: Penne Usher Telegraph Correspondent
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A lawsuit filed earlier this year by former El Dorado Hills Community Service District General Manager John Skeel has been settled. Skeel was placed on paid leave just months after being hired. He filed suit in El Dorado County Superior Court in April against the CSD and the five board members of the district citing breach of contract among other things. In the suit Skeel indicates that he was developing a budget for 2011/2012 and looking to cut $100,000 in costs. He reportedly prepared a draft of the budget where he considered eliminating two positions – that of Wayne Lowry, a director at CSD, and Sandi Kukkola, deputy general manager. Skeel presented his proposal at a June 9, 2011 closed session proposing to contract out human resources and eliminate the deputy general manager position, according to the suit. The board rejected the proposal and on June 20 Skeel was placed on paid leave. According to the section of Skeel’s contract that discusses termination for cause, reasons seem to be broad and include breach of contract, violation of district policy or by “failure to perform his responsibilities as set forth in the identified goals and objectives to be negotiated between the board of directors and general manager during his first 30 days of employment.” The suit was settled out of court for as-yet undisclosed sum. Neither the CSD or Skeel could be reached for comment as of press time.