Kydzone is a place for fun

By: Matt Long Telegraph Sports Editor
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Kids just want to have fun and during the summer there may be no place that?s more fun than the Kydzone at the El Dorado Hills Community Services District. Last week about 180 kids between the ages of 5 and 12 attended the weeklong Kydzone day camp at the CSD. The theme of the camp was ?International Sports of all Sorts,? where the kids played a variety of sports, as well as other games, arts and crafts. ?We have more kids this week than we?ve been getting all summer,? said Taylor Garner, a member of the camp staff, who has worked at the CSD for the last six summers. ?The sports-themed camps are generally more popular than the other weeks.? Wyatt Armstrong, a 6-year-old from El Dorado Hills, had a blast all week with the activities. ?I liked the game ?What Time is it Mr. Fox,?? Armstrong said. ?We also made a cake with a soccer ball on it.? Annie Hosseini, another 6-year-old El Dorado Hills resident, said she liked all the fun things about the Kydzone camp, including the trip to Strikes where she enjoyed bowling. Ryenne Lee, 5, had fun making cookies in the shape of basketballs and baseballs, as well as the game Ghost in the Graveyard. Landon Weiss, 8, said last week was the most fun he?s ever had, citing the field trip to Strikes as the highlight. Luke Armstrong, 8, likes the Kydzone camps because he gets to see all his friends and meet new ones. Cameron Hosseini, 9, also enjoys the field trips the camps offer, but was also looking forward to the kids vs. staff basketball game on Friday. Max Fields, 8, said Fun Friday was his favorite part of the week, while Lilly Gentry, 8, was enjoying her first week at the Kydzone camp. ?This is my first time here and I love it,? Gentry said. ?I love the art and the movies.? While the kids have their favorite activities, the Kydzone camps are popular for a common reason. ?I think our location with the pool and the playground and just our facilities here at the CSD and the field trips and the things we offer make us a popular destination,? Garner said. ?We have a fun staff who wants to be here and we just have the whole package.?