Keeping focus

Camp helps kids to future success
By: Matt Long Telegraph Sports Editor
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With four competitive high school teams at the varsity and junior varsity level, there?s no denying that lacrosse has not only grown in El Dorado Hills, but the level of play has also increased over the last few years. With 350 players in the youth lacrosse program in El Dorado Hills, there are more kids and a deeper talent pool than ever before to pull from. Last week 35 boys attended the Game Breaker Lacrosse Camp at Sellwood Field in El Dorado Hills, led by several coaches at Oak Ridge, as well as a few collegiate players. For six hours a day Monday through Thursday, the campers learned the fundamentals of lacrosse and drilled each skill, while also working on team concepts and playing games a long the way. Among the fundamentals learned included proper technique for catching and throwing the ball, scooping the ball off the ground and shooting. Coaches also focused on body positioning and taught terminology and basic offensive and defensive concepts that the coaches use at the high school level. Most of the 35 players between the ages of 8-15 had previous lacrosse experience, many playing youth lacrosse in El Dorado Hills. ?We?re teaching the basic fundamentals of the game with drills in the morning and then doing a lot of game-situation-type things and others games in the afternoon,? coach John Burke said. ?It?s laid back and we?re having a lot of fun.? Jack Peterson, an 11-year-old camper with four years of lacrosse experience, enjoyed himself. ?I love lacrosse and how fast-moving it is,? Peterson said. ?You?re always doing something. This camp is good because it?s smaller and you get more attention from the coaches. The coaches are great too. They?re higher level coaches and you learn more. They really help you out.? Another El Dorado Hills resident, 11-year-old Carson DeGeorge, also had fun at the camp. ?I like lacrosse because it?s fun to run around with my friends,? DeGeorge said. ?I?m learning a lot of different things at this camp.?