Heatwave win home opener in Folsom, 131-113

By: Brett Ransford
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In their season and home opener at Folsom High School on Saturday, the Sacramento Heatwave toppled the Clayton Showtime, 131-113. Thanks to a 40-point fourth quarter, the Heatwave move to 1-0 after their first game of the season. Through three quarters the score was tied at 91-91. Showtime had some flashy moves but inevitably ineffective as their only first half lead came in the first points of the game. The third quarter dragged on as the Heatwave let their game lead slip at 80-77. The only tie came in the third quarter at 77-77. The seats weren’t filled inside the Folsom High gymnasium, but the atmosphere was there for the Heatwave. From the player introductions, fan dance competitions and shooting contests, it was definitely a home-court advantage. It was evident just at the end of the third quarter that the Heatwave had the advantage on effort. Off the bench guard Aaron Garner ended the third on a steal and near 3-D rule extra-point play in at the last second. Garner was instrumental in the fourth quarter blowout. He scored 17 of his total 20 points in the fourth, as the Heatwave outscored Showtime 40-22. Not that the Heatwave didn’t have their struggles in the game, but when it came time to execute, they secured a double-digit lead within the last three minutes. “We have a lot to work on, but we’re going to be a good team when it’s all said and done,” said Heatwave Owner, CEO and Head Coach Reggie Davis. “We’re a work in progress at this point. We have a lot of talent, but talent doesn’t mean anything until you get them to play together, understand each other and really engrain our philosophy into the team. They did well for awhile and then lost a little focus. Guys are coming from different programs, but we have what it takes. We just have to do away with some of those old habits.” Old habits or not, the Heatwave had four players with more than 20 points including Garner. They found ways to control the tempo both around the perimeter and cutting inside. Darius Wright ran the game at the point scoring 20 points. Darnell Lindsay led the Heatwave with 23 points. The team’s first basket of the season was a three from Lindsay to take their first lead at 3-2 and lasted through three quarters. Big man Demarshay Johnson was a force inside for the Heatwave. Showtime had no answer for the strength and finesse Johnson displayed around the basket. His 20 points and presence inside allowed the rest of his team to spread the floor evenly. “We were trying to figure out our sets so we could figure out where we were going to get our shots from,” said Johnson. “Figuring out the matchups helped us get those opportunities. They couldn’t keep up with our pick-and-rolls so we really wanted to expose that. Being the first game we did make some small adjustments here and there. It was surprising how well and how tight the team came together.” Aaron Perry topped off a big offensive game by his team with 17 points. Davis said his team could have scored 160 or 180 points had they played like the fourth quarter. Davis said the Heatwave organization has just begun to do some television commercials to root even further into the community. “We’re really trying to do a lot to entrench ourselves into the community,” said Davis. “It’s been great building our community relationships, business relationships with the chamber and of course the athletic association. We’re glad to be on board and really build what we can here in Folsom.”