Getting to know ... Zack McMillen

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Oak Ridge senior Zack McMillen, 17, is a shooting guard/small forward on the varsity basketball team. Here’s some more information about him. How long have you played basketball? Since third grade. What do you like best about basketball? I like the fast pace of the game. What is your favorite NBA Team? The Sacramento Kings. Ever hit a game-winning shot? Not in high school. Who is your favorite NBA player and why? Kevin Garnett because of the passion he plays with is incredible. What’s the highlight of your basketball career? My first varsity game as a sophomore. do you have any pre-game rituals or superstitions? I always wear three pairs of socks and I do the same stretch routine every game. What are your personal goals for the season? To make my senior season a memorable one. What is your favorite class in school and whY? Psychology. Very interesting stuff is taught in that class, like how the brain works. What are the team’s goals? To go undefeated at home and win league. Who’s the best shooter on your team? Tyler Simms Which do you prefer, home or away games and why? Home games hands down. The crowd is what makes them special. What is your favorite away gym to play in and whY? Probably Ponderosa. It’s a small gym and you can’t hear anything. It’s a pretty chaotic environment. What are your future plans? Attend a 4-year university and hopefully major in Business Management/Marketing.