Getting to know ... Will Findlay

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Oak Ridge junior Will Findlay, 16, is a center on the varsity basketball team. Here’s some more information about him. How tall are you? 6’7” How “Long” were you when you were born and how old were you when you reached 6 feet in height? I was 22.5 inches at birth and I was 13 when I reached 6 feet tall. What do you like about being so tall? It’s who I am and it helps with sports. What are some of the negatives? I can’t fit in cars, airplanes and beds very well. Where do you get your height from? My dad is 6’3” and my mom is 6’’0”. When did you first dunk a basketball and how tall were you? I was 13 and 6’3”. How has the season gone for you personally? It has gone well since recovering from my pulled hip-flexor. How has this season gone for the team? We’re playing well right now and having a lot of fun. What is the highlight of your basketball career? Beating Rocklin last year in the Foundation Game. What’s the Team’s goals this year? To win league and to play at Arco Arena. What is your favorite Class in school? Math because I find it interesting. What are your future plans? Go to college somewhere in California. What do you want to be “when you grow up?” An engineer.