Getting to know ... Keaton Subjeck

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Oak Ridge freshman Keaton Subjeck, 14, wrestles in the 130-pound weight class. Here’s some more information about him. How did you get your start in wrestling? When I was 9, a friend of mine was wrestling. His dad asked if I wanted to join the team. I tried it and liked it. Did you like it right away and did you catch on quickly or was it hard? I liked it pretty quickly. I had some rough times with it in the beginning, but it wore off and I loved it. What do you like best about wrestling and why? I like how it’s a one-on-one sport. If you win, you have a sense of pride because you mentally and physically defeated your opponent. If you lose, it’s no one else’s fault and you have to take that responsibility. What qualities do you think it takes to be a good wrestler? Heart and determination. If you think you are going to lose, you probably will. Even if you are wrestling a kid nobody thinks you can beat, anything can happen. Do you prefer wrestling on your feet or would you rather be on top or bottom? Why? On my feet because I think I can take anyone down and I work hard at perfecting my shots. What is your favorite pinning combination and why? The arm bar. It’s a move I’ve been working on for most of my wrestling career and I know how to use it well. In what ways are you a better wrestler now than you were a year ago? I know how to adapt to the opponent during the match and am able to wrestle with diversity. What’s the highlight of your wrestling career so far? Being a junior high state champion last year. Who’s had the biggest influence on your wrestling career? My middle school coaches Mike Sundby and Ben West and my friend Kyle West. I have been around them since my first year and they have always trained me and helped me to get better. What are your future goals in the sport? To be a 2-time state champion and wrestle in college. Tell me how much time you put into wrestling outside the high school season. I wrestle freestyle and greco until June. I lift weights and get ready for football after the freestyle season. I also run every day during wrestling season. What motivates you to work so hard? Having my hand raised at the end of the match. What’s your favorite class in school? Math What’s your favorite winter olympic sport to watch? Snowboard cross.