Getting to know . . . Josh Dawson

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Oak Ridge senior Josh Dawson wrestles in the 135-pound weight class on Oak Ridge High’s wrestling team. Here’s some more information about him. How did you get into the sport? In third grade I tried wrestling and the funny thing is I hated it. After moving and making some new friends that wrestled, I was convinced by Derek Shupe to join the Marina team and have since fell in love with the intense sport. What do you like best about wrestling? It’s a one-on-one sport. When you lose it’s all on you. This makes you stronger and work as hard as you can to achieve your goals. It’s a lot harder to find the same dedication from other sports. Which do you prefer, neutral, top or bottom? Neutral because I feel like I can take anyone down. What is your favorite pinning combination? The half nelson. I have pinned more than 10 kids with it this season. How do you get yourself mentally ready for a match? I relax. I just go over with myself how hard I have worked and it makes me feel confident and relaxed. What’s the highlight of your wrestling career? Beating Ponderosa as a team my sophomore year at league and then again for the section title. What are your goals for this season? Doing my best to place in state. Last year I was one close match away from being a state qualifier, one match I will never forget. What have you learned from wrestling in terms of life skills? To always have a goal and to achieve it you have to work at it. What is your favorite class in school? Math. I like how it’s straight forward and you can always find an answer.