Football camp in sunny San Diego suits Trojans

By: Matt Long Telegraph Sports Editor
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After attending the Fresno State Football Camp for a number of years, the Oak Ridge football team headed farther south this year, making the 10-hour bus ride to San Diego to attend the University of San Diego football camp. Fifty eight players and the coaching staff gathered close to midnight on June 17 before heading to San Diego for the four-day camp from June 18-21. With a change in coaching staff at Fresno State, Oak Ridge coach Eric Cavaliere decided to attend a different camp this year. ?The new coach understandably had bigger fish to fry and didn?t put together a camp schedule fast enough for me so with that uncertainty I decided to look elsewhere,? Cavaliere said. ?I?m glad we chose San Diego. The weather was beautiful, as for the night scrimmages you wanted to put on a windbreaker. I appreciated the cooler temperatures and I?m sure the kids did too. The cooler temps translated into getting a great effort out of the kids.? The camp set-up included a morning team practice followed by a round-robin-type scrimmage of game-situation scenarios. After a brief 30-minute segment with the coaches at San Diego in the early afternoon, the six teams broke off for another situational period where they had one-on-one or seven-on-seven drills. In the evening, the teams held live scrimmages against one another. Cavaliere said the four days of camp are designed to find football players, improve and come together as a team. He was pleased with the outcome of the camp. ?We?re looking for football players,? Cavaliere said. ?Sometimes guys look great in T-shirts and shorts but not so good when they strap the pads on and sometimes it works the other way where guys don?t look so hot in T-shirt and shorts but really turn it up. ?I?m very happy with the effort I saw and we definitely improved while we were down there. We found some of those players we were looking for and we came out of camp without any injuries. We also grew closer together as a team and that was another goal we had.? Cavaliere and the team enjoyed the camp and while any decision about next summer has yet to be made, Cavaliere had nothing but positive things to say about the camp and would like to return. ?You can?t beat the weather,? he said.