El Dorado County eyeing growth in rural areas

By: Penne Usher, Telegraph Correspondent
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The Cameron Park and Shingle Springs area could see a huge population growth if two new proposed developments are approved.

The site for the Village of Marble Valley Specific Plan (VMVSP) comprises 2,341 acres south of Highway 50 about 1,000 feet southeast of the Bass Lake Road interchange.

The proposed project site is surrounded by the Cambridge Oaks residential development.

The proposed VMVSP would consist of an approximately 2,341-acre project with up to 3,236 dwelling units, 475,000 square feet of commercial use, 87 acres of public facilities/recreational use, 1,282 acres of open space, 42 acres of agricultural use, and 73 acres of new road impact areas and future right-of-way, according to the Notice of Preparation from the El Dorado County Planning Commission.

The plan calls for 1,963 low-density residential, 708 medium density residential and 501 high-density residential units to be built.

Specific Plan for the proposed Village of Marble Valley for the development of an approximately 2,341-acre-project with up to 3,236 dwelling units; 475,000 square feet of commercial use; 87 acres of public facilities/recreational use; 1,282 acres of open space; 42 acres of agricultural use; and 73 acres of new road impact areas and future right-of-way.

The proposed village would be an expansion of El Dorado Hills’ community region, according to documents.

A second Notice of Preparation has been presented by the planning commission for the San Stino Residential Project in Shingle Springs.

The proposed project would develop 1,041 new detached residential units, with plans for a school, on 645 acres south of Highway 50 between French Creek Road and Old Frenchtown Road, south of Mother Lode Drive.

The site is currently zoned “estate residential” with five-acre parcels. The rezoning of the land would bring the parcel size to one-half acre per home.

Residents in both communities are not happy about the possibility of an influx of new residents in the rural areas.

“I’m not sure what the county is thinking, other than dollars, but a high volume of new homes, residents, their cars and all is not what this area has been about,” said Frank Little who lives in the Shingle Springs area. “I cannot imagine the impact this will have on the area, the rural two-lane roads and our simple way of life.”

Mary Sutton recently relocated to Cameron Park from the Bay Area. She said she moved to El Dorado County because of the rural lifestyle it offered.

“I love it up here, it has a small town feel, but is still close to everything and Sacramento,” she said. “I would hate to see this place become a bustling city. It’s just not what I would want.”