EID race is about issues

Reader input
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I recently opened my mailbox to see my sample ballot. I was rather confused when I read that an incumbent El Dorado Irrigation District board member saves El Dorado Hills residents thousands of dollars. If any of us saved our EID bills prior to when the current board members were elected, one can calculate that for the same usage, summer water rates are up 133 percent and sewer rates are up 70 percent. At that time eight years ago, the sewer rates were among the highest of all the rural California mountain counties. While I thank the current board for fighting the federal agencies who were threatening to increase fees, I don’t offer thanks for not cutting the capital spending more in a time of no growth and voting for these excessive rate increases. We can all agree that something is wrong with this picture. I urge El Dorado Hills residents to take time to look past the candidate with the biggest campaign sign and take a little time to look into what is really happening here or we could be paying close to $1,000 summer EID bills. Please be sure to vote and choose the candidate who will listen to the everyday ratepayer majority over being endorsed by the minority business elite. J. Smith, El Dorado Hills