Editor's view: Sutter Street work to clear out — sort of

By: Don Chaddock, Telegraph Managing Editor
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The familiar red dirt marking the shoes of those who work in or visit the Folsom Historic District could soon be a thing of the past. Sidewalks are being poured, streets paved and heavy construction equipment put away. This is all an effort by Teichert to get the streets clear by Black Friday, Nov. 26. All along, officials behind the city’s $8.4 million revitalization effort have said construction would halt so merchants could operate more normally during the holiday shopping season. Now that tune may be changing, at least a bit. Teichert crews will halt “heavy” construction work but will still be in the district through winter. At the Oct. 28 merchant coffee chat, a printed update states, “Beginning (Nov. 29), work on facades, granite, minor concrete, lighting and landscaping will continue (weekdays) from 2 to 10 a.m. to allow construction progress with minimal disruption to merchants.” Coffee chats are held weekly at 8:30 a.m. Thursdays at The Black Rooster on Sutter Street. Reader feedback John Maguire took issue with yours truly for my columns over the last two weeks. “Your strong ties to the Chamber of Commerce became very obvious when you unanimously supported the three city council incumbents in a recent editorial and in that same editorial you took shots at their likely strongest competitor, Mike Kozlowski,” Maguire wrote. “I noticed that in (the Oct. 27) newspaper someone called you on this, and questioned your responsibility to provide objective journalism. But, you failed to admit your mistake in your response.” Thank you for your letter, John. I think Mike is a nice guy and very personable. Since the election happens Tuesday night (after our press deadline), let me say if he is elected, I look forward to working with him. If he’s not elected, I wish him the best of luck. He’s an asset to the community, as are all the challengers. Jaya Badiga, Alex Munoz and Lindsey Woodward put themselves out there to run for office. Anyone brave enough to do that earns points in my book. The questioning of my responsibility to provide objective journalism, in a letter from John and Patricia Nappi, asked me to print the names of the others using robocalls, which I did. Another reader, Michael Raffetto, accused me of claiming Kozlowski was mudslinging. I addressed that concern in last week’s column. Construction question answered Lisa Brown, of Folsom, asks, “(Do) you happen to know what kind of construction project they’re doing on Orchard, off of Riley? I’ve been curious ever since they started.” Thanks for your question, Lisa. I asked Sue Ryan, the city’s information officer, to help me out on this one. She said it’s a “sewer flow diversion project to reduce the potential of sewer overflows.” Expect some lane closures, most of which happen at night “to reduce traffic impacts,” she said. Sewer work is also slated for Blue Ravine between E. Bidwell Street and Crossing Way. “Work … is scheduled for completion by mid-November,” Ryan said. If readers have questions, feel free to e-mail me at the address printed at the end of this column. Telegraph managing editor Don Chaddock can be reached at