In this economy, how is Palladio project faring?

Editor's column
By: Don Chaddock, editor
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Last Friday, I toured the new Palladio at Broadstone project with Brian Spickard, chief operations officer of Elliott Homes, and Ed Sweeney, construction manager for Palladio. There has been a lot of talk around town that the massive $250 million shopping center had stalled because of the economy. That’s just not true. Many who have called or contacted me through e-mail have asked why they never see anyone working on the project. The reason for the supposed lack of activity is because construction crews have been busy completing phase one, which is the back part of the project and the farthest from the main thoroughfare. According to Sweeney, he usually has 200 construction guys working from 6 a.m. until 2:30 or 3 p.m. just about any day of the week at a cost of $2 million per month. The new movie theater will be a great addition to the city as will the other retail and dining spaces. Palladio is on target to open the theater in December of this year, so keep your eyes open. Many residents believe Whole Foods has dropped out of the project but as Spickard tells us, the retailers are on a different time schedule. That is partly due to the economy. Spickard also says he can’t comment on prospective tenants. Some of what’s been fueling the rumors are the bankruptcies of those big mall management companies. Palladio is not one of them. The center is run, owned and is being constructed entirely by Elliott Homes. I hope this serves to clear up any confusion on the matter. For photos of the center, visit For more on the story, see page A1. HANDY FUNDRAISER Tom Handy, a Folsom native, is in need of help. Battling cancer, Handy has been forced to give up his business to focus on his health. Since he was self-employed, that means Tom has mounting medical expenses. Friends and neighbors have been pitching in to help the family by holding fundraisers. According to Ernie Sheldon, the latest features 14 youth sports groups coming together to sponsor a spaghetti dinner on Sunday, July 26, from 6 to 10 p.m. at the Folsom Community Center. Ernie said the dinner is meant to honor Tom for all his volunteer work over the years. “I ask his classmates from Folsom High’s class of 1969 to come share in a well-deserved night for Tom,” Ernie said. Tickets are $15 and may be purchased at the Lembi Park snack bar, Benevento Chiropractic office or by calling Ernie at (916) 801-5690. READER FEEDBACK David Miller, of Folsom, stopped by our office recently to express his displeasure with our coverage of the school budget crisis. He said a few years ago the Telegraph wrote a “glowing” story about a Republican elected official but neglected to cover “that he was being voted out of office for corruption and fraud.” To which official he is referring, I have no idea as I didn’t get a chance to speak to Mr. Miller before he stormed out. Before his departure, he did say that our stories about the layoffs of teachers and other school employees neglected to put blame where it belongs. I am still confused as to which political party he wanted us to blame in print. If Mr. Miller feels so strongly about the subject, rather than taking it out on our front desk receptionist, he’s welcome to pen a letter to the editor. As always, try to keep letters to about 200 words. Expect more on the school budget cuts to come in future editions of The Folsom Telegraph. ARTISTIC LICENSE Kelly Martinelli, a Folsom resident, recently received awards for her design efforts at Folsom-based e.Republic, a media company focused on information technology for education as well as state and local governments. The gold and silver medals were presented in Washington, D.C., at the American Society of Business Publication Editors Awards. According to Patty Cota, with e.Republic, “The (awards) are considered by many as the industry’s most prestigious level of recognition in magazine excellence.” Tom McKeith, another e.Republic designer, shared four other regional and national design awards with Martinelli. Congratulations Kelly and Tom. Don Chaddock may be reached at or by phone at 351-3753.