Doctor is a shutterbug at heart, met love online

By: Menka Belgal, Telegraph Correspondent
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At a very early age, when most kids are in kindergarten and their futures are far from their minds, Katharina Truelove knew that she wanted to be a doctor. She spent her childhood in Hawaii, moved to Louisiana, and ended up in Northern California. In 2005, Truelove joined Marshall Medical Center and is now the medical director of the El Dorado Hills Clinic. What do you love most about your job? I really enjoy educating patients about their symptoms or diagnoses so they can feel empowered to make changes and feel better (or prevent bad outcomes). I am very blessed to work with an excellent group of people at Marshall — caring, competent, and supportive. What is the most interesting thing that’s happened to you? Helping to bring a life safely into this world was a treasured privilege. At Sutter Merced, the residents and professors staffed the emergency room every Thursday, and, because there was no competing OB residency, before we graduated, each resident typically got to deliver over 80 babies. My personal total was 111. I was awarded the Sterling Scholar for Science in Hawaii my senior year of high school. It was televised and I was so surprised and thrilled that I did a little twirl on stage. If I had to pick the highlights of my life, I would definitely have to say the births of my own two girls. It was just amazing. What are your three favorite songs? I listen to everything from classical to Christian music to hip-hop to rap. One of my favorite songs is “When the Saints Go Marching In.” I have seven different versions of it in my iTunes library. What is your favorite movie and why? My favorite movie used to be “Meet Joe Black.” I think I identified with the young doctor, liked how unusual it was — to personify death as an attractive young man — and I think Anthony Hopkins is a great actor. I also really like “The Count of Monte Cristo.” I thought they actually improved the story when compared to the book. My favorite recent movie is “Easy A.” I liked the witty, modern twist on “The Scarlet Letter.” What hobbies do you enjoy? I really enjoy photography. I don’t have any formal training, but I have a pretty good eye for framing shots, etc. Past favorite subjects have been nature and New Orleans homes. My favorite current subjects are my two little girls. I just love catching their expressions on film. What about your family? My husband and I are one of the many successful eHarmony couples. He has lived in El Dorado Hills for many years and is why I moved here. We are blessed with two girls (ages 1 and 4 years old). They are the two best decisions we ever made. What causes are you passionate about? I support Doctors Without Borders. I am amazed with the risks their medical teams are willing to take to provide medical care. My job is so tame and safe in comparison. I respect their skills and sense of adventure. At my clinic, I am passionate about Family Pact services, a program that provides comprehensive family planning services to patients that cannot afford it or need confidential care. I think it is an important way to connect to and educate local youth. What are some things about you people might be surprised to learn? I have multiple epiphyseal dysplasia, a rare genetic bone disease, which was diagnosed at Shriner’s hospital when I was 2 years old. I saw from an early age that it wasn’t just about making the right diagnosis, it was about how patients were treated, that made a difference in their lives. Dealing with chronic pain has given me even more empathy for my patients. ... Also, I’m an eHarmony success story.