City should watch its own water wasting

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Now isn?t this the pot calling the kettle ? We should all feel relieved knowing that Don Smith of the City of Folsom is stepping up water-monitoring patrols on all of us water wasters. ?More than double the number of monitoring hours? currently being paid for by the good citizens of Folsom to more than 16 hours per day according to my July 9th Folsom Telegraph. Well thank goodness. Now, don?t get me wrong, I am all for cracking down on those of us who don?t have a clue about our water wasting ways. But maybe Mr. Smith?s water-monitoring patrols will get around to scrutinizing the City?s own practice of gutter-flooding as well. How many of us are routinely amazed at the amount of water being wasted as it runs out of our public space medians and across our streets on a daily basis while we are continually requested to cutback? And before we hear ?not on my watch,? take a gander at the water staining on all the streets as proof. It is really pretty obvious. And if that isn?t enough, I am sure that the water-monitoring patrols will catch the biggest ?gutter-flooder? of all since they will be out ?from early morning to late evening.? My suggestion is to water-monitor the City?s gross over-watering starting around 5 a.m., which is when I am leaving town by having to drive through the running rivers across our roads. There is plenty of proof of mismanaged irrigation all around. And one of the worst parts of all this? Just look on the opposite side of the street to see the street side grass dead from under-watering. How embarrassing for the City. Perhaps we, as good citizens of Folsom, should call upon the ?water-wise house call? service, in hopes that they will pass along the wise tips from Mr. Smith ?on how to attend to landscaping, best irrigation systems and instruction on use of system controllers.? A wonderful service provided by the City whose service hours have been extended on our behalf. Or better yet, Mr. Smith should send them out to the offices of the landscaping vendor on contract with the City to take care of our public landscaping needs. You might just get your 20% reduction called upon by the Governor all the while keeping our great City green. Erik Neese Folsom Ideas abound for better bridge name It seems we have the Lake Natoma Crossing Bridge, which is appropriate. The new bridge crosses the American River so it could be called the American River Crossing Bridge. If we are going with the new name, I propose we rename our other bridges, too. The Rainbow Crossing Bridge is a nice moniker. How about the Historic Truss Crossing Bridge? Put in a new overpass and it will be the Highway 50 Crossing Bridge. I think we have something here. How about we cross over the City Council and call them The Has Been Crossing Bridge to the Future? Randy Fox Folsom