Board fun at the CSD

Young skateboarders learn beginner moves at camp
By: Matt Long Telegraph Sports Editor
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What better way to kill time over summer break than to grab your board and learn some new tricks at the skate park. For 10 kids between the ages of 5 and 7, that?s how they spent the last week of June, learning the tricks of the skateboard trade at the skate park at the El Dorado Hills Community Services District. For two hours in the morning the kids enjoyed the joys of skateboarding and after lunch they spent an additional 90 minutes at the pool. Campers also painted their own board and took a field trip to the Cameron Park Skate Park during the week. ?Our goals are to give the kids some pointers on skating ? teach them the beginning moves and tricks,? said Dan Shanahan, who ran the camp along with Sean Babij. ?Mainly we want them to skate around, have fun and skate with their buddies.? It?s not surprising what the kids liked the best. ?I like riding down the huge ramps,? said 8-year-old Dylan Morgan. Kaden Koschik agreed, saying, ?I like all the big jumps.? A second Grommet Skate Camp will be held July 23-27. For more information call the EDHCSD at 933-6624.