Bicycle shop pedals to top of voter poll

By: Matt Long, Sports Editor
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Any city with a reputation for cycling needs a well-respected, top-notch bike shop. Bicycles Plus in Folsom has been voted as that shop, winning the Telegraph’s annual Best of the Best contest in the Best Bicycle Shop category. Since 1988, Bicycles Plus has been putting riders on bikes, repairing broken bikes and offering avid and recreational riders anything they need or want for their bikes. “We’ve got something for everyone,” Bicycles Plus Sales Manager Armando Enriquez said. “We’re a family-oriented story and are very involved with the community. We’ve got gear for a child’s bike as well as for the professional racer.” Enriquez said people can look at Bicycles Plus as an auto parts store for bikes. “We’ve got everything you can imagine for your bike and probably some things you can’t imagine,” Enriquez said. “We offer a full range of service and bike fitting. We also rent bikes to people. Just yesterday a Folsom resident came in the store wanting to rent a bike because he had never ridden the trails.” On top of offering bikes for sale, Bicycles Plus offers any bike part a rider might need, as well as riding gloves, clothing, footwear, sunglasses, water bottles, nutrition bars, energy drinks, bicycling magazines and DVDs, among many other things. Kathleen Tresser, who lives in Placerville and works in Folsom, frequents the store anytime she needs something for her bike. “I come to Bicycles Plus because they’re the best,” Tresser said. “I’m been coming here for at least four years because they can do anything I need them to do.” Enriquez said on top of what the store has to offer, another thing people like is the customer service. “A lot of us winning the Best Bicycle Shop award has to do with customer service,” Enriquez said. “Not only do we have everything that people need, but we say hello and thank you and have a nice day and those types of things. I think any busy can succeed with that attitude. “What winning Best Bicycle Shop means to us is that we’ve found a way to take care of our customers. The only reason we succeed is because we have what people want.” Cyclebration, the city’s three-day bicycling celebration slated for Sept. 10-12, is also a busy time for Bicycles Plus and provides the shop exposure. “Cyclebration has about everything you can do with a bike all in three days,” Enriquez said. “It’s a great way to get involved in cycling and a lot of the events are right outside our door.” * * * IN THE KNOW What: Bicycles Plus Where: 705 Gold Lake Drive, Folsom Info: 355-8901,