Another point of view: Folsom city layoffs another indicator of failed leadership

By: Reginald Bronner, Special to the Telegraph
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Last week’s Folsom Telegraph was dominated by the community’s reactions to the proposed budget, which will raise discretionary-use fees (such as sports and admission to the zoo) while eliminating 30 jobs, 20 of those by layoff. Youth leagues marched on City Hall in uniforms. And Telegraph Editor Don Chaddock’s column featured first-hand testimonials from some of the dedicated city employees whose jobs are on the line. Their stories will break your heart, and make you angry. My entire campaign for the 6th Assembly District seat is about starting the process of putting our 25,000 unemployed neighbors and 20,000 underemployed neighbors back to work. I am not concerned with any current ideological or culture war issues. We have no time for that anymore. We need to reach across the aisle and begin the solution process. No “pledges,” no excuses, just hard work. It is time to work out financial solutions, attract jobs to the district, and implement these changes. There is no time to pursue personal agendas or private business interests. Anyone voting no all the time in the legislature is denying their districts their fair share of available resources. Don Chaddock writes sincerely about the most recent victims of what I see are the results of poor leadership, poor planning and a lack of jobs in our district. They are all connected. Along with the firemen, policemen, and teachers let go in Lincoln, the Folsom layoffs are the newest additions to the sorry ledger of our failed political leadership with its irrelevant rhetoric of division. There are ways to begin the corrective process to put people back to work. But first we need to be working with the state legislature, without “pledges,” part-time representatives, or ideological diversions. The new 6th Assembly District includes remnants of the old 4th District (Lincoln, Roseville, Rocklin, Loomis, Penryn, Loomis, and Granite Bay), and now includes Folsom, Orangevale, and Fair Oaks (all Sacramento County), along with El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park (El Dorado County). At least three of our largest cities — Lincoln, Rocklin, and Folsom — are in serious financial trouble, while being crippled by short-sighted state representatives pursuing their private agendas. These irrelevant leaders have been in charge for the last 10 years, and it is time to part ways with their incompetence. We cannot afford it anymore. It is beyond conscience that they refuse to work with their colleagues in the state legislature, putting all options on the table in order to help our neighbors. Yet that is what they have done for the last ten years. This has led to some actions that seem indefensible. A small example is their call for a “part-time” legislature while our neighbors are having to accept being unemployed full-time. These representatives believe that less government is better. Tell that to the laid-off Folsom employees when they file for unemployment. Reginald Bronner, a Democrat, is a candidate for the 6th Assembly District. He can be reached at bronner