$1.2 million in pot seized from Cameron Park home

By: Penne Usher, Telegraph Correspondent
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CAMERON PARK -- Law enforcement officials confiscated about $1.2 million worth of marijuana from a Cameron Park home. Thursday afternoon Pasada Court was a far cry from a quiet rural cul-de-sac. El Dorado County Sheriff’s deputies seized 70 pounds of processed marijuana and 1,528 live plants from 2907 Pasada Court Thursday after serving a search warrant, according to Lt. Bryan Golmitz of the El Dorado County Sheriff’s office. No one was home at the time of the raid and no arrests have been made. A downstairs portion of the 2,171 square-foot, four-bedroom home, had been converted into a grow area, according to officials. “It’s been a three-year-long investigation,” Golmitz said. Richard and Emily Montoya live next door to the home where the pot was seized. Richard said he’d lived in the area for 14 years and while he knew the previous owners, he was always suspicious of the people that moved into the neighboring house about two to three years ago. “It was just not a normal operation,” Richard Montoya said Thursday evening. “There was nothing normal about the house.” He said the house was shuttered and there was no usual activity one would expect to see – such as comings and goings to work. “There was just no activity,” Richard Montoya said. Knowing that they had been living next to a home filled with a large quantity of illegal drugs was disconcerting to the Montoyas. “It’s disgusting that something like that is next door to you,” Emily Montoya said. Golmitz said a second home in the Sacramento area was also “hit” at the same time, however, no one was arrested there and no drugs were found.